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Guide To Renting

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What You Need To Know

  • Decide in advance how much you can comfortably afford each month
  • Remember, in all probability you will also be responsible for the bills such as council tax, gas, electricity & water rates.
  • Rent is calculated on a calendar monthly basis i.e. 12 equal payments throughout the year.
  • Before commencement of a tenancy, Hobarts use an independent credit check agency to carry out background checks on all prospective tenant(s) A good track record, proof of income & ability to pay the rent is required. An administration fee of £95.00 plus VAT is payable to Hobarts for each and every person over the age of 18 who will be residing at the property.
  • You will be required to pay a deposit normally equivalent of one months’ rent weeks and the first months rent itself in advance in cleared funds prior to the commencement of the tenancy.
  • Upon acceptance of an offer you will be required to pay a *non refundable deposit of £500 within 24 hours. Once the transaction commences this amount becomes part of the advance rent & deposit monies required as above.
  • (* Unless the landlord is unable to keep to the terms of the initial written deposit agreement)
  • Only the persons named on the tenancy agreement may reside at the property, You must tell us in advance if you have children, pets and whether or not you smoke otherwise you will be in breach of your tenancy agreement if you fail to disclose beforehand.

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The Property

Decide what type of property you want and where and when?

  • Decide on the basic requirements of the type of property that you need and want. (see list below) before you start your search).
  • Make a note of what’s really important to you.
  • What furnishing do you really need?
  • What areas will you consider? – Important things to consider are transport, accessibility to work, close proximity to family & friends, shopping facilities, schools etc.
  • Let us know the earliest date you can ‘take’ the property from. You don’t have to necessarily move in straightaway but you will be responsible for the rent & outgoings etc.

Tip ! – The more flexible you are with moving dates, furnishing & areas etc. the greater your choice of property

Type & Size Of Property? – Properties come in all shapes and sizes, but your choice will be either a flat or house. When choosing think of your lifestyle i.e. if you enjoy late evening entertaining it’s probably not a good idea to have a first floor flat with neighbours underneath.

  • If flat (ground ,first or top floor etc.)
  • House (semi-detached, terraced etc)?
  • Type of road ? (busy, quiet etc.)
  • Older style property or new-build? (older style properties can have features and bigger rooms etc.)
  • Minimum number of bedrooms? (doubles or singles?)
  • Number of reception rooms? (separate rooms or open plan etc.)?
  • Is a garden or outside space necessary?
  • Is a Garage or Off-Street Parking Essential?

Don’t forget to register your details immediately. If your requirements change, or you are no longer looking, don’t forget to tell us or click the unsubscribe link.

Once you have decided what you want – Start Viewing!

Once registered, you will be contacted with available property by email, phone or text. It is a good idea to view at the earliest possible opportunity to avoid missing out. When you have viewed a property it is really important that you tell us what you think about it as soon as possible. Help us to help you, that way we can avoid sending you unsuitable properties. Don’t forget to visit www.hobarts.co.uk. N.B. If you have provided us with your email address you should be receiving regular email updates, please check your computers junk mail settings. If you are still not receiving email updates contact us immediately to advise.

Tip! View during the day not just in the evening!

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Agreeing a rental or making an offer

You will know what the right price is to offer by comparing other properties that you have viewed. Good rental property go fast! Most landlords are prepared to negotiate within reason; however, negotiation if any, will be dependent on your status, requirements and earliest ‘move date’.

Offer Accepted in principle

This is the point where you will be required to pay a *non–refundable deposit and administration fees to and complete the appropriate application forms and provide us with evidence of formal identification to enable us to process your application. Please make sure your employer/accountant/former landlord returns these completed forms ASAP.

Once the background checks have been completed (normally 5 working days) you will be notified. The appropriate tenancy agreement will be drafted and an inventory prepared for your approval and signature. Once this has been prepared you will be advised to transfer the balance of monies owed and invited in to sign and complete the contractual formalities.

Don’t forget to contact your preferred gas & electricity supplier in advance, ‘Click Here’ to compare rates & choose your energy provider etc.

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Move In Day

On the agreed day & time of commencement we will arrange for you to either collect the keys from our office or by meeting the landlord at the property.

During the Tenancy

As tenants, you are responsible for the upkeep of the property, in the event of any damage of maintenance issues the landlord must be contacted at the earliest opportunity.(CONTACT DETAILS ARE ON THE FRONT PAGE OF YOUR TENANCY AGREEMENT) It is your responsibility to check & replace light bulbs & blown fuses, please check that gas & electricity are being provided and that appliances are switched on before requesting maintenance visit otherwise you will be financially responsible for unnecessary all out charges etc.


Should the property of furnishings & fittings be damaged or repair or maintenance be required then the landlord (or Managing agent if appointed) must be given reasonable opportunity to respond. Should you contract a trades person direct you will be responsible for payment which may not be recoverable from the landlord. Under no circumstances are you allowed to withhold rent otherwise you will be in serious breach of your contractual obligations and may be evicted.

Ending the Tenancy

Should you not wish to extend the tenancy you must serve the appropriate notice in writing the relevant office at the earliest opportunity of your intentions. As per the terms of your contract Hobarts are to be allowed reasonable access in the last 4 weeks of the tenancy for the purpose of accompanied viewings of other prospective tenants.

Don’t forget to set up mail redirect for each and every tenant to their new forwarding address at least two weeks beforehand. You can do this online at postoffice.com of at your local post office.

On the final day you will be required to surrender possession of the property in a clean undamaged condition as per the terms of contract along with the inventory. Failure to do so may jeopardise the return of your deposit monies.

Extending the Tenancy

Should you wish to extend the tenancy contact Hobarts at the earliest opportunity, terms will be reassessed by all parties, any new party joining the tenancy will have to be vetted and an administration fee payable for each additional new person.

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A Guide To Renting

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